PDF Archive Volume 2 (2011)

The Following articles from Volume 2 are currently available for download in .pdf format:

Volume 2 Number 12: Our Consumer Culture

Volume 2 Number 11: Romance and Dating

Volume 2 Number 10: Christians in the Workplace

Volume 2 Number 9: Icon, Image, and Modern CultureĀ 

Volume 2 Number 8: The Mission of Orthodox Youth in America

Volume 2 Number 7: Stories from Church Camp

Volume 2 Number 6: Experiences of Campus Ministry

Doing The Right Thing by Deacon Alexander Cadman

Volume 2 Number 5: Faith and the Creative Process

The Community of Joy by Kh. Krista West

Mediocrity Revisted: The Sacred, the Secular, and the Artist’s Soul by Father Joel Weir

“Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty” by Christopher Burkett

Man as Priest of Creation by Father Christopher Foley

Volume 2 Number 4: Christianity and Partisan Politics

On The Essence of True Morality by Archbishop Lazar [Puhalo]

Orthodoxy and Political Conservatism by Scott Miller

Orthodoxy and The Political Left by Fr. John Culbreath-Frazier

The Problem of Partisanship by Dr. David Wagschal

Volume 2 Number 3: The Oriental Churches

A Larger Orthodoxy by Dr. Peter Bouteneff

Some Thoughts on The Armenian Church by Deacon Ryan Tellalian

Christians in Egypt by Sam Williams

The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church in India by Fr. Samji George

Volume 2 Number 2: Preparing for Great Lent

“Chocolat” and The Great Fast by Henry William Reineke

Fasting from Guilt by Luke Beecham

Nourishing Our Bodies During Great Lent by Chris Masterjohn

Fasting and Forgiveness by Metropolitan Anthony (Bloom)

Volume 2 Number 1: Water and the Spirit

The Nature of Water is Sanctified by William Kopcha

Blessing Water, Homes, Fire Engines, Beehives by Fr. Steven Belonick

Water; Creation and Conservation by David Wanik

Meeting Christ at the Well on Theophany by Maria Simakova

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