PDF Archive Volume 1 (2010)

The Following articles from Volume 1 are currently available for download in .pdf format:

Volume 1 Number 7: “Our Incarnate God”

Icon and Nativity; God Revealing Himself by Dn. Dustin Lyon

I was in Anguish and You Listened to Me by Fr. Steven Voytovich

Incarnate Love by Fr. John Breck

“Wise Man Seeks Lasting Relationship with Divine Creator; Will Follow Law” by Jason Ketz

Volume 1 Number 6: “Discipleship and Asceticism”

The Church is our Mother by William Kopcha

Remember Your Leaders by Andrew Boyd

The Ascetical Life by Fr. Robert Arida

Asceticism and the Military Environment by Fr. Sean Levine

Volume 1 Number 5: “Orthodoxy, Ecology, and Environment”

Easter and Ecology by Rev. Dr. K.M. George

Practical Suggestions for Environmental Stewardship by Mandy Culbreath-Fraizer

Caring For The Flock by Monk Kilian

Orthodoxy and Ecology by Inga Leonova

Volume 1 Number 4: “Can we Coexist?”

Orthodoxy, Relativism, and Truth by Dr. Peter Bouteneff

Coexisting With Buddhism by Fr. Brendan Pelphrey

Coexisting with Wicca and Neo-Paganism by Fr. Brendan Pelphrey

Coexisting With Science by Alexis Boyd

Faith and the City by Clio Pavlontis

Volume 1 Number 3: “Faith and Doubt” 

Doubt and the Monastic Journey by Monk Kilian

Two Poems by Boris Pasternak

The Engineering Nun and the God of the Vending Machine by William Kopcha

“O Blessed Doubt” by Hierodeacon Philip

Volume 1 Number 2: “Capital Punishment”

Thoughts on Capital Punishment by Fr. James Guirgius

Legal Background of Capital Punishment by Jessie Kirchner

My Civic Duty by Andrew Boyd

On Capital Punishment by Fr. Ted Bobosh

Volume 1 Number 1: “Engaging Modern Atheism”

No Atheists in Foxholes? by Fr. Sean Levine

Evicting the Gods by Andrew Boyd

The Challenges and Opportunities of Atheism by Logan Johnson

How to ‘Grill the Christian’ by Andrew Boyd

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