PDF Archive

Since “Wonder” was originally started to provide content for Youth groups, OCF Chapters, and other discussion sessions, we are happy to start providing .pdf versions of past articles with some added questions to aid discussion. We also plan to make certain past articles available in Spanish. Please be patient with us as we upload past articles. If you would like a particular article in .pdf format and it is not yet available for download here, please email wonder@oca.org.

Volume 3, Articles from 2012 (Not Yet Available)

  • Issues include: ” ‘Why am I Still Here?’ Reflections by Adults who Remained in the Church”, “This American Saint”, “Prayer, Fasting, and Alsmgiving”, “The Day of Resurrection”, “Modern Martyrdom”, “Burnout”, and “Faithful Scientists”

Volume 2, Articles from 2011 (Slowly Being Added)

  • Issues include: “Water and the Spirit”, “Preparing for Great Lent”, “The Oriental Churches”, “Christianity and Partisan Politics”, “Faith and The Creative Process”, “Experiences of Campus Ministry”, “Stories from Church Camp”, “The Mission of Orthodox Youth in America”, “Icon, Image, and Modern Culture”, “Christians in the Workplace”, “Romance and Dating”, and “Our Consumer Culture”

Volume 1, Articles from 2010 

  • Issues include: “Engaging Modern Atheism”, “Capital Punishment”, “Faith and Doubt”, “Can We Coexist?”, “Orthodoxy, Ecology, and Environment”, “Discipleship and Asceticism”, and “Our Incarnate God”.

These past articles are being made available in .pdf format for easy download and printing. They require Adobe Reader Software to be viewed on your computer. The software is available for free here.