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Fair Use

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Blog Content

This blog is made up of posts by a variety of Authors and Contributors. All the contents of this Blog, except for comments posted apart from the editors and the original authors,  constitute the opinion of the particular Author, and the Author alone; they do not represent the views and opinions of the Author’s employers, supervisors, nor do they represent the view of organizations, businesses or institutions the Author is a part of. The views expressed by an outside Contributor (”Contributor“) to this Blog constitute the opinion of that Contributor and that Contributor alone; they do not represent the views and opinions of the Contributor’s employers, supervisors, nor do they represent the view of organizations, businesses or institutions the Contributor is a part of. The content of this Blog is not intended to cause harm, but if You have any concerns about the contents of this Blog, please contact the Author by way of leaving a comment on this blog, or by contacting the Managing Editor (wonder@oca.org). Disagreeing with the content of the Blog does not constitute sufficient ground for you to ask the Author to remove or modify any parts of this Blog.


If you would like to republish any article from this blog, please write to the Managing Editor first (wonder@oca.org)You are free to distribute and transmit this work as long as you secure permission from us.  Content posted on this blog may not be used for commercial purposes.  You may not alter, transform, or build upon works published on this blog. All materials published on the Blog, unless otherwise specified, are copyrighted by The Orthodox Church in America (2010, 2011,2012, 2013,2014).

We provide copies of some of our articles in downloadable .pdf format. In those cases, permission to copy and distribute is granted for use in Church discussion groups and ministry efforts.

Forbidden Actions

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Changes to the Terms

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