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Volume 4: Number 8

Wonder Volume 4: Number 8

“Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations”

Reflections on Church History

In this month’s edition of Wonder four authors examine various aspects of what we commonly refer to as “Church History” – a curious, and surprisingly difficult intersection of faith, memory, and logical accounting of historical information. From topics such as “The Historical Jesus,” to a review of questions posed over a half-century ago by Fr Georges Florovsky, and the challenges faced by any Christian who reflects on Church history, to some incisive critiques on our personal handling of history, a substantial bit of ground has been covered. As is often our goal with such topics, our authors have posed perhaps as many questions as they have answered, and we hope that their words will lead you to a critical, faithful reflection on a topic that we so often accept as simplistic or at least straightforward: Church History.

Volume 4: Number 6

Wonder Volume 4: Number 6

Who Are We?

A vision of the OCA in the 21st century

Orthodoxy has been in the New World for over two hundred years now, with every intention of remaining as a permanent witness to Christ here in America. But the unique history of the American continent has presented the Church with innumerable challenges for keeping good order on the Western front. These challenges have required a careful, intelligent and prayerful vision of each generation as we strive to move forward, and it behooves us to reflect occasionally on our organization and its mission and vision. Who are we? What is the identity and purpose of the Orthodox Church in America? Five authors have reflected on this topic, and offer us personal experiences of our Church’s vision – a vision that sees our Church positioned to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the American continent. We hope that you find these reflections enjoyable and inspiring, and that you gain a better sense of the OCA, of who we are, and what it is that we’re working toward.

Orthodoxy Is Not Here By Accident
Fr Michael Koblosh

Anna and the Church
Fr Eric Tosi

Growing From Our Ethnic Roots
Dr Peter Bouteneff

Not a Penny at the Door 
Mr Will Kopcha

Just the Church
Mr Andrew Boyd

Volume 4: Number 5 Who is my neighbor? Reflections on Luke 10:29

Volume 4:Number 5

Who is My Neighbor? 

Reflections on Luke 10:29

“And [the lawyer], trying to justify himself, said to Jesus, ‘who is my neighbor?’ (Luke 10:29)

Of course, our Lord responds with a parable. And not just any parable, but one of the most famous in all of scripture; one whose popularity extends well beyond the limits of the Church: the parable of the Good Samaritan. Even those who claim not to believe in Christ, or even in God, find redeeming value in this story. It has even been used colloquially by our legal system (the Good Samaritan law). Naturally, then, it is only appropriate for us to reflect on this parable from time to time, and to consider not merely the text (how were the Samaritans and Jews of First Century Palestine neighbors?), but also how it is meant to shape our daily lives now, nearly twenty centuries after the parable was first told.

Wonder has asked four authors to reflect on this parable, and the subject of neighbor this month, and each offers a unique and refreshing personal understanding of how we, as disciples of our Lord, interact with and relate to those around us. Each author shares his or her personal experiences, struggles, convictions and passion on a subject that we too often overlook.  We at Wonder hope that you find our authors’ work both edifying and enjoyable and that through these reflections we all prove better neighbors to each other and those around us.

Wishing you all joy in our Risen Lord
the Editors

Meeting our Neighbors
Kh. Amy Toconita Hodge

Stranger or Neighbor?
Ms. Julie Ann Miller

Neighbors Are Those Whom We Serve
Mr Alex Langley

Showing Mercy or Mercy Received?
Mat. Vera S Proctor

More information on the authors can be found here. 

Vol 4: No 4. Behold, Dying We Live!

Behold, Dying We Live!

This month, Wonder offers a small collection of reflections on the subject of death and dying – a timely subject as our Church prepares this week to celebrate our Lord’s passion and resurrection. We hope that you find the words  enjoyable and edifying, and we wish you all joy as we celebrate our Lord’s three-day Pascha.  –The editors.

A Christian Ending to our Life  by Mr Logan Johnson

Death as Preparation for Life by Archpriest Steven Voytovich

Death Gives Life by Albert S Rossi

The Christian Concept of Death by Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann


More information about our authors and contributors can be found here.

Volume 4: Number 2

This month, Wonder is publishing the homilies given by four Orthodox attendants at the 2013 Festival of Young Preachers, an event sponsored by the Academy of Preachers . The theme for this year’s festival was “The Gospel and the City” and several passages of scripture were offered for the attendants to preach on. The passages chosen by our writers/preachers were Genesis 11, Psalm 137 and Acts 1.

With these words, once spoken and now written, each of our authors offers us a proclamation of the Gospel. As always, we hope you find these reflections edifying and inspiring, and may they draw us all closer together in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Zion in Babylon: Reflections on Psalm 137 by Ms Anna VanderWall

Out of the garden, into the city by Mr Harrison Russin

There are a lot of tears out here in Babylon by Fr James Parnell

Salvation in the midst of the earth by Mr Andrew Boyd

Volume 4, Number 1

Theme: “Why Am I Still Here? Reflections by Those who Remained in the Church?”


“What Can Separate us from the Love of Christ”

by His Grace, Bishop Michael

It All Comes Down to Faith

by Liz Korba

Look to the Bright Light

by Father Peter Paproski

Unabashedly Romantic

by Alexandra Morbey

Here for the Memory

by Deacon Jason Ketz


More information about the authors and contributors is available here.

Volume 3, Number 12

Theme: “Lead Me on a Level Path”


From the Editor: Thoughts on Vocation

by Deacon Jason Ketz

One Life, One Vocation

by Michael Tishel

“Thine own of Thine Own, we offer unto Thee” Offering Ourselves and Our Lives

bu Father James Bozeman

First Steps on a Level Path 

by Kay Wakaruk

Wisdom and Vocation

by Father David Chandler Poling

Being Who You Are

by Elizabeth Gauvain

Uneven Paths and Hard Lessons

by William Kopcha

More information about the writers and contributors can be found here.