Volume 4: Number 8

Wonder Volume 4: Number 8

“Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations”

Reflections on Church History

In this month’s edition of Wonder four authors examine various aspects of what we commonly refer to as “Church History” – a curious, and surprisingly difficult intersection of faith, memory, and logical accounting of historical information. From topics such as “The Historical Jesus,” to a review of questions posed over a half-century ago by Fr Georges Florovsky, and the challenges faced by any Christian who reflects on Church history, to some incisive critiques on our personal handling of history, a substantial bit of ground has been covered. As is often our goal with such topics, our authors have posed perhaps as many questions as they have answered, and we hope that their words will lead you to a critical, faithful reflection on a topic that we so often accept as simplistic or at least straightforward: Church History.