Volume 4: Number 6

Wonder Volume 4: Number 6

Who Are We?

A vision of the OCA in the 21st century

Orthodoxy has been in the New World for over two hundred years now, with every intention of remaining as a permanent witness to Christ here in America. But the unique history of the American continent has presented the Church with innumerable challenges for keeping good order on the Western front. These challenges have required a careful, intelligent and prayerful vision of each generation as we strive to move forward, and it behooves us to reflect occasionally on our organization and its mission and vision. Who are we? What is the identity and purpose of the Orthodox Church in America? Five authors have reflected on this topic, and offer us personal experiences of our Church’s vision – a vision that sees our Church positioned to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the American continent. We hope that you find these reflections enjoyable and inspiring, and that you gain a better sense of the OCA, of who we are, and what it is that we’re working toward.

Orthodoxy Is Not Here By Accident
Fr Michael Koblosh

Anna and the Church
Fr Eric Tosi

Growing From Our Ethnic Roots
Dr Peter Bouteneff

Not a Penny at the Door 
Mr Will Kopcha

Just the Church
Mr Andrew Boyd