Volume 4: Number 5 Who is my neighbor? Reflections on Luke 10:29

Volume 4:Number 5

Who is My Neighbor? 

Reflections on Luke 10:29

“And [the lawyer], trying to justify himself, said to Jesus, ‘who is my neighbor?’ (Luke 10:29)

Of course, our Lord responds with a parable. And not just any parable, but one of the most famous in all of scripture; one whose popularity extends well beyond the limits of the Church: the parable of the Good Samaritan. Even those who claim not to believe in Christ, or even in God, find redeeming value in this story. It has even been used colloquially by our legal system (the Good Samaritan law). Naturally, then, it is only appropriate for us to reflect on this parable from time to time, and to consider not merely the text (how were the Samaritans and Jews of First Century Palestine neighbors?), but also how it is meant to shape our daily lives now, nearly twenty centuries after the parable was first told.

Wonder has asked four authors to reflect on this parable, and the subject of neighbor this month, and each offers a unique and refreshing personal understanding of how we, as disciples of our Lord, interact with and relate to those around us. Each author shares his or her personal experiences, struggles, convictions and passion on a subject that we too often overlook.  We at Wonder hope that you find our authors’ work both edifying and enjoyable and that through these reflections we all prove better neighbors to each other and those around us.

Wishing you all joy in our Risen Lord
the Editors

Meeting our Neighbors
Kh. Amy Toconita Hodge

Stranger or Neighbor?
Ms. Julie Ann Miller

Neighbors Are Those Whom We Serve
Mr Alex Langley

Showing Mercy or Mercy Received?
Mat. Vera S Proctor

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