Volume 2, Number 4- Authors and Contributors

His Eminence, Archbishop Lazar (Puhalo) is a retired bishop of the Orthodox Church in America. He is also the founding abbot of All Saints of North America Monastery in Dewdney, British Columbia. He is a prolific writer and speaker.

Reader Scott Allen Miller is a radio talk show host who has been heard on Fox News Radio, WRKO Boston, WGY Albany, NY, and other stations throughout the United States. He converted to Orthodox Christianity in 2007, and he has been a member of the Boston Byzantine Choir since 2006. He, his wife of 19 years, and two children make their home just outside New York City. They worship at St Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut. For more information, check out his page here.

Father John Culbreath-Frazier is a student at Saint Vladimir’s Seminary and will graduate in May 2011. He, and his wife Mandy, are from the Carolinas and will stay in the New York area to complete a Hospital Residency in Clinical Pastoral Education and pursue further graduate studies. His previous work experience includes residential therapy for adolescents with behavioral/emotional disorders, as well as customer relations for a Goodyear Tire distributor in western North Carolina before entering seminary.

2 thoughts on “Volume 2, Number 4- Authors and Contributors

  1. Hierodeacon Philip

    In response not just to Dr Wagschal’s piece but to this entire issue of Wonder, I note that every effort has been made to show that, as Scott Allen Miller put it, “‘big-O’ Orthodox and American political conservatism are significantly different,” yet there was no commensurate effort to show that Orthodoxy and American political liberalism are also significantly different. There were some token nods towards this truth, but no in depth analysis.

    Fr John Frazier was the only author to make explicit mention of the calamity of abortion, though he did little to describe the dire horror of this genocide, and he underestimates the Left’s ferocious and intractable loyalty to abortion rights. And no one at all expressed alarm at, or even mentioned, the growing movement to reform marriage laws in a way opposed to the natural order of human sexuality.

    The god of political liberalism is “tolerance,” yet political liberals are not faithful to this god. They have no tolerance for those who speak out against homosexuality or other perversions. They have no tolerance for those who believe in objective and knowable truth. They have no tolerance for anything that goes against the feminist-orthodoxy of our day.

    Orthodoxy Christianity, with the high value it sets on traditional marriage, large families, celibacy, chastity, poverty, and — in a word — truth, is inevitably set on a course that will lead to a conflict with the cultural norms of our age.

    Earlier ages grappled with theological heresies, so that a St. Athanasius or a St. Maximus the Confessor could be exiled or mutilated for confessing the true faith. Ours is an age of moral heresies, in which it seems everyone is denying the basic truths of human nature that heretofore were simply axiomatic.

    Anyone opposed to these heresies is summarily dismissed as a judgmental egoist. Judgmentalism is the only real sin, and its punishment will become increasingly severe. But the liberal god of “tolerance” cannot prepare us to shed martyric blood for our steadfast witness to godly moral living. Yet this is surely what Orthodox Christians who remain faithful to their tradition must look forward to. To anyone for whom this dystopia seems implausible or preposterous, I recommend reading C.S. Lewis’s “Abolition of Man”.

    If we do not die at the hands of tolerant liberals it will be because we are destined to join the ranks of the new-martyrs of the Turkish yoke, dying at the hands of intolerant, but at least consistent and honest, Muslims. Take time to become familiar with the demographic trends. Western society wants lots of sex but few or no children. Not so with Muslims. As Juli Loesch put it once, “Islam is to be the scourge for the back of recalcitrant Christianity.”

    The “nice” world of liberalism cannot survive, because tolerance without truth is an insipid and a false god.

    Perhaps a future issue of Wonder will be devoted to some of these themes?


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