Volume 1 Number 2 Contributors

Protodeacon Joseph Matusiak is the editor of WONDER and the Director of the Department of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries of the Orthodox Church in America.

Father James Guirguis is the rector of Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Utica, New York. He is a graduate of St Vladimir’s Seminary and a former Death Row Prison Guard.

Father Ted Bobosh is rector of St. Paul the Apostle Church in Dayton, Ohio. He is also a member of the Metropolitan Council of the Orthodox Church in America.

Ms. Jessie Kirchner is enrolled in a dual-degree program in law and social work at the University of Michigan, having previously completed her undergraduate studies at the College of William and Mary. She hopes to pursue a career in conflict resolution after graduation. She attends St. Catherine of Alexandria Antiochian Orthodox Mission in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Mr. Andrew Boyd is a student at St. Vladimir’s Seminary in Yonkers, New York and a graduate of the University of Connecticut. He is also managing editor of WONDER.

We thank them all for their contribution.