Volume 3, Number 8

Theme: “Time for the Lord to Act” Reflections on Liturgy


Liturgy: The Time of God’s Revelation 

by Deacon Jason Ketz

“It is Time for the Lord To Act:” Liturgy in Southern Afghanistan

by Father Sean Levine

The Rest of My Faith 

by Father David Wooten

The Changing Face of our Liturgy 

by Deacon Jason Ketz and Andrew Boyd

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One thought on “Volume 3, Number 8

  1. Fr. Deacon Trevor

    Dearest Friends:

    I am a Roman Catholic Deacon who is “switching” Rites to be a Ukrainian Greek Catholic. Since February, I have been assisting at St. Michael Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Rossford, Ohio. It has been so spiritually rewarding to be here. So many Orthodox priest friends of mine and their wives were/are our friends and have been so kind, supportive and insightful. This issue of Wonder is excellent; having been the MC at a Latin Mass parish for over a decade, I had experienced the glory of the West in its best Liturgy, a complement to the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. Now, being here, studying the Fathers and appreciating that He Who Is is also God With Us at every Divine Liturgy, your various contributions strike a resounding chord. May God and the Theotokos bless your work and your families. Thank you. Pray for me, a sinner.
    in Him,
    Fr. Deacon Trevor (Fernandes)


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